Who's coming back?

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Who's coming back?

Post by Mike »

Just wondering who is coming back this season. Not the players but you as fans? Who is getting season tickets of just planing to go to games. It's been a long time since we all went to a game and when people get out of the habit of going to games things sort of fall to the wayside.

Me and my Dad will be back for 1/2 season tickets.

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Re: Who's coming back?

Post by wolves01 »

I'm going back with the usual, 21 game plan. I pretty much stopped following the Wolves last year with no in person games and the extremely shitty home broadcasts. Looking forward to things being more 'normal' this year.

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Re: Who's coming back?

Post by Wollvesfan86 »

I'll be there for a few games. I'm probibly skipping opening night to avoid the Rockford crowd. But, I'll be there for the second home game for sure.

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Re: Who's coming back?

Post by WolfBoy »

I thought this was a post about what players are coming back from last season :lol: But, we will be there.

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Re: Who's coming back?

Post by Cheapseats »

WE bought the 21 game package. I hope they are all played.

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Re: Who's coming back?

Post by wolfkeeper »

Well, I guess I'm back! First game will be the 23rd between the penalty benches!

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Re: Who's coming back?

Post by butsyfan »

Guess who’s back for 10 games this year!!!

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