AHL officially cancelling season

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Re: AHL officially cancelling season

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True, but they don't need to have their prospects go to the AHL to play.

It would be FAR cheaper for an NHL team to just participate in prospect tournaments. AHL staff and prospects stay in NHL city and practice at team facilities. Let's say this weekend the Blackhawks host a prospect tournament for all the Central teams plus Detroit and Columbus. One Pacific team does the same, as do a few teams out East. Once or twice a month this happens so those prospects get some game action in. Now my guess would be in this situation the teams would just be branded as "Blackhawks" and "Hurricanes" and not "Ice Hogs" and "Wolves" since the AHL franchise will literally have nothing to do with what's going on...but who knows, maybe NHL teams would have them wear different jerseys just to throw the AHL a bone and help keep interest in those markets.

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